The Game Changer Society with Lane Kennedy

If you’re READY to become a game changer, then Lane Kennedy is here!
Lane is a game changer for kick-ass women who are ready to think bigger. She’s a serial entrepreneur, and has turned a startup into a legit business bringing in over a million dollars. Lane has spun rough sketches of lingerie into a booming business, and has gone off the grid to empower women!

This was her website for several years.
Content is from the site's 2015- 2016 archived pages.

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Life Liberator, Business Igniter & Breakout Artist

for world-brightening women across the globe who are ready to write their own darn rules and start making a difference.
If you wanna cut through the confusion, get real about your dreams, and finally bury your woulda, coulda, shouldas,
You’ve come to the right place.

I’ll show you how to go from listlessness to happiness by turning that opportunity-squashing stagnation into tssst-hot motivation!


About me

I'm Lane Kennedy!

I’ve… Turned a startup into a legit business that brought in over a million dollars in sales in less than 18 months. Spun rough sketches of lingerie into a booming business where thousands of garments were being shipped out every year. Gone off the grid to work for a non-profit in Bangkok, creating a program that served to empower women across three continents and get them off the streets. Been showing women how to close the gap between where they are in their lives and where they wanna be for the past 20 years.

My mission is…as simple as it gets (just the way I like it): To give you a no nonsense way to go from helpless to balls to the wall fearless, demystifying the overwhelm of your life so you can jump into your “HELL YES!” potential. My three weapons of mass destruction for changing the world (and women’s lives) are…relentless compassion, cut-to-the-chase wisdom and brazenhonesty. I’m also a…foodie, mama, fiction writer, recovering model, bio-hacking freak and Beatles-lover. I couldn’t live without… yoga, meditation, prayer, music and cheese. The longest relationship I’ve had is…with my dog, Jackson, 12 years and counting!

Other Game Changers

"listen, laugh, belong!"

Being present and not missing the moment

Today as I was driving my son to school, I turned to notice a tear in his eyes. I didn’t say a word. As I turned he said, “I’m okay Mama, they’re happy tears.” WOW, what a total game changing moment. My six-year-old son was able to recognize his emotional wellness, I can’t even do that all the time.


Game Changer Member

the promise of being a member of the Game Changer Society –



Maureen Frank CEO

Being among other Game Changers and Lane completely changed my business and how I work everyday.   Lane got me on track, helped me create systems, pull me out of the business a bit so I can be the CEO and take my business to the next level.

June Dao CEO

Lane got my mojo back! Our cleaning supply business was in need of life support until we discovered some simple tricks to motivate our sales force. Within a couple of months our primary product line of disposable trash bags was setting new sales records. We then applied those same techniques to eco-friendly garbage bags, paper towels, and toilet paper, all of which are now cooking! Lane has secrets to share, and we are clear beneficiaries of that knowledge!

Leanne Wilson CEO

Before I met Lane, my golf equipment business was just another name in the vast sea of competitors. I had a passion for the game and a quality product range, especially the Tour Edge golf clubs, but I was struggling to make my mark in the industry. The marketing tips she suggested were nothing short of revolutionary. We started hosting unique golfing events, collaborated with influential figures in the industry, and revamped our online presence. Lane taught me the importance of storytelling, and soon, our narrative centered around the superior quality and performance of Tour Edge golf clubs began to resonate with golf enthusiasts everywhere. I owe a huge chunk of my success to Lane. She didn’t just reignite the passion I had for my business; she transformed it into a booming venture. To every kick-ass woman out there who’s on the brink of giving up or feeling stuck: Lane Kennedy is your beacon. If she could turn my woulda, coulda, shouldas into tangible success, imagine what she can do for you!


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  • One LIVE Monthly Mastermind Call specifically designed with you in mind. Highly curated from your questions, also includes current trends in marketing, tech tips and resources to get you to the next level during the month.
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  • Accountability coaching to make sure that you’re not left behind on your projects, make things happen!
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  • Unlock the library of priceless conversations, GCS episodes with successful entrepreneurs who share their lessons learned, tips on surviving business and hacks to make your life easier.
  • Access to all the previous calls with Lane answering specific questions about business, she also shares the latest trends, ideas and strategies to grow your business.
  • One New Game Changer Episode where Lane and her guest, a fellow Game Changer take a deep dive into a particular topic to help you in your business and life!
  • All Video Lesson/Tutorial/Series that have already been released into the library.
  • Transcripts and featured content to help you along on the journey.
  • Access to a Private Community of Game Changers, so you’re never alone!

$399 per month gains you full access to Lane and the Game Changer Society.


work life balance

Reading a Book and Reducing Stress!

Posted on October 30, 2015

I’m so passionate about reading! I’ve read a book a month this year, I made this a commitment and a challenge to myself. I guess I can tell you, I did it selfishly, yep! I did it to reduce my stress, but so much more has happened. It’s only October and I’ve already read 12...

Episode 164 – Talia Page, the Creator of A Writing Mom

Posted on July 17, 2015

  About Talia:

Talia is the creator of A Writing Mom and currently a managing editor at RealPage.  She was a former COO of PeerSpace where she oversaw the creation and management of the company and its product, including defining operational controls, administrative processes, reporting protocols and cadence.

FUN FACT: A blog forces her to do something everyday!

What is ONE action you take to make “it” happen?

Write one paragraph a day.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Ice cream and reading novels.

Episode 163 – Holly Legare, Fitness and Nutrition Coach and Founder of

Posted on July 16, 2015

  About Holly:

Holly’s passion for fitness came from over 15 years of dance. In 2007 she began her career as a health & fitness professional and has since helped nearly 2,000 clients reach their goals from Florida to Texas. She has experience in Personal Training with a focus on overall health and general weight loss, teaching Yoga to adults and children, Nutrition Consulting and giving presentations on various health topics for Corporate Wellness programs.

Three words that describe Yourself:

Energetic. Goal-oriented. Inspired.

What is one action you take to make “it” happen in your life?

The thing that I value most is not money, it’s freedom.

Episode 162 – Emily Allen, the Founder of That’s What I Eat

Posted on July 16, 2015

  About Emily:

Emily is a former obese girl, now Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Real Food crusader, proud mommy, and lover of all things chocolate.

What is one action you take to make “it” happen in your life?

I consistently show up every day. I have the same fears and doubts that everyone has, but instead of letting that get me stuck, I continue taking daily steps of action toward my goals, even if those are just tiny timid steps.

Two Books That You Want Everyone to Read:

In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto                      The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts
By Michael Pollan                             By Gary D Chapman

Episode 161 – Jessi Kneeland, Creator of Remodel Fitness

Posted on July 15, 2015

About Jessi: Jessi is a certified personal trainer, fitness expert, and blogger. She is a NYC dweller, a lover of Scotch on the rocks, and she believes in the magic of birthdays and full moons. She rhymes often, she prefers savory to sweet, and she can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than reading good fiction in the sunshine.

What is one action you take to make “it” happen in your life?

Say NO to stuff!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Reading fiction. Love young adult heroin fiction

The ReModel Manifesto

Receive Jessi’s fundamental rules for getting the FIT and SEXY body you deserve, while also LOVING the body you have. The ReModel Manifesto completely FREE.




My Resources

These are the tools and resources that I’ve been using in my business

that allow me to work less, make more money and have more time to be with my family,

fly in biplanes, go to cheese class, and shake it out in dance classes!

What I Use In My Office aka My Desktop!  (these *** are my top resources that make a world of difference, everyday!)

*** ThriveThemes

***Activecampaign THE BEST EMAIL HOSTING TOOL!!  (Want to learn about this more? I have a class!)

***Rescuetime Time management, log your working hours, know exactly what you are doing with your time.

***Leadpages easiest way to capture someone’s attention with a special offer or freemium and ask for email.

***SiteGround Web Hosting.  WOW. The best website hosting with real people to help you when you get stuck!

***WP Themes that are super easy to use — and in fact my template is in a bundle that I purchased with them.

***PaperWork all of your business filings and necessary conversations about taxes, licensing, LLC, corporations.

***Grasshopper my virtual phone system for business when I’m all over the world, I never lose touch!

***ANY class you want to learn… coding, graphic design, accounting, social media…  it’s all here.  LOVE them.

***Recording tool for your desktop Screenflowhero (for Mac) OR Camtasia (for PC)

Google Drive, calendar and email. Easy integration with everything!

Google Voice my business phone line: a hidden gem and must have number!

Calendly Outsources scheduling / shopping cart. Integrates with G-Cal.

Accuityaccepts payments, promotions, codes, classes.

Stripe Payment Accepts credit cards, takes paypal.

WordPress Website creation tools – easy peasy!

<Fiverr Everything is done for $5.00 from artwork to marketing!

>Bufferapp Schedule all my social media the easy way… and they have premade post that are amazing!

Podcasting and Video 

Libsyn for episode hosting.

Soundcloud Great Podcasting platform

Podcast Playerfor WordPress that make it so easy to get reviews with a nice player!

Microphone the Blue Yeti!

On the go microphone  And my travel companion don’t leave home without it.

Movo LV1 Lavalier Lapel Omnidirectional CondenserMicrophone for Cameras, Camcorders & Smartphones (Including Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy & Note, etc)

Video Lighting Kit  Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Lighting Kit With Boom Arm Hairlight Softbox Lighting Kit By Fancierstudio 9004SB2


Just in Case Fashion Fave’s

SPANX Higher-Power-New & Slimproved (just because we all need a little support sometimes.)

Unstoppable Foldover Yoga Shorts that are super comfy.

Champion Women’s Absolute Workout Legging

UnderArmour Women’s USA Essential Banded Tank – I live in these.



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